wanksta, fake gansta, wannabe gansta, anyone that threatens gang attacks but doesnt do anything and doesnt have a past history of doin so
Ja Rule
Irv Gotti
by Qizzo M'hizzo May 21, 2003
They try to look and act ganster, but they never really smoked crack, hijacked cars, or shot anybody.
They think they're cool, but they deserve to die
this is one of the definitions above for wanksta and if this is the what a gangsta is why the hell are all these rapping posers so proud of it when modt of them probobly grew up in the most suburban area ever. they should all be arrested
he look i hate gangsta
by bigtom May 15, 2003
1. Fake ass gansta who acts like a gansta but isn't. A.K.A. Ja rule lil punk ass
2. Wussy gansta
Ja Rule lil punk ass bitch = Wanksta

Tupac, 50 cent, Biggy, Nas = Gansta
by The Real Gansta May 04, 2003
A wanker that thinks he's a gangsta
Check out that group of wanksta's
by Silver April 28, 2003
Weak rap by two-bit former petty criminal
Fiddy-sint be a wanksta his owen dam sef
by Skul Crakkah February 19, 2003
A fake gangster. A poser or wannabe. Also a song performed by 50 cent, and remixed by Eminem.

"I aint no gangsta
I ain't gotta start frontin
I just call Banks up
if i need to pop somethin
but you gonna feel my shit
you gonna hit the stop button
I fuck you up a long time
you gonna get stomped stuntin" ~ Eminem.


"But you never pop nothing
We said you a wanksta
And you need to stop frontin'
You go to the dealership
But you never cop nuttin'
You been hustling a long time
And you ain't got nothin" ~ 50 Cent.
Joe "Spitz" Balmon: Man, I got fifty G's yesterday selling that mary jane on the corner of Harlem and Irving!

Jane: What? No you weren't.. you were at my house painting!

Lizzle: You fuckin' wanksta..

#eminem #50 cent #songs #fake #gangster #wannabe
by sake(: January 14, 2010
Darrell, a "I got nothing to do at night, but sleep so I can come in at 5:15 in the morning to do no work! A broke ass front desk attendent who keeps almost getting fired by Jen.
Darrell, Gianni and Kevin (and all his pink shirts)are all wanksta('s)
#darrell #dupont circle #pink shirts #gianni #wankstas
by gymmanager November 05, 2008
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