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Weak rap by two-bit former petty criminal
Fiddy-sint be a wanksta his owen dam sef
by Skul Crakkah February 19, 2003
Darrell, a "I got nothing to do at night, but sleep so I can come in at 5:15 in the morning to do no work! A broke ass front desk attendent who keeps almost getting fired by Jen.
Darrell, Gianni and Kevin (and all his pink shirts)are all wanksta('s)
by gymmanager November 05, 2008
a wanabee who beatz himself more than he beatz otherz if u know wat i mean lol
da 'gangstas' u find in myspace n facebook etc are nothin but wankstaz
by whodman May 15, 2008
A wanksta is like the guy of Nychevreuse, they like american rap,b20 and La Fouine and dress them up so kinri!
b20,lil kay,no blaze,cubee,gradouble and all the others :i can't say evrybody.
by B20 April 05, 2005
like all rappers.. who aint really gangstas.. just nob heads who act hard... a wanksta is some guy names stan who wanks and his parents being so dumb forget the n on the end of his name
:) had ya ma in bed ya nob ed
by ian May 03, 2004
a fake... phoney wannabe gangsta that dotn got tha ryde dont got tha girls dont got tha ice and dont live in tha real hood ...they think they know street but they dont
B-rad from malibus most wnated is a striaght up wanksta ! and wigger!
by christina September 11, 2003
A wanksta is a person that asks like he lives the life of a true gangsta...but the truth is that he don't. He/she tires to act all hard and shit but he/she is jus embarssing himself/herself. He/she thinks he has it all like money, girls, blah blah, but he aint got shit. To sum it all up in one word is that he/she is a big ass POSER. :P
The people by a certain century theater stand there all day with their never seen before jerseys, clean air force ones and all the "bling bling" they own are wankstas.
by JD August 26, 2003