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this is a word used to describe mexicans that are from mexico and dont speak that good of english and who dont know the ones that scream and whistle and stare at you but if you went to talk to them you wouldnt be able to communicate cause they dont speak english? yeah...those are the ones
"damn, that wab(by) keeps staring at me!"
by ladysikwidit March 29, 2005
a british term for wasp, or bee, or any bloody little flying bugger.
Those wabbys are so bloody annoying!
by holyroman April 19, 2005
A term for a wasp - a nasty flying insect of yellow and black livery that materialises whenever you're trying to enjoy a pint in a beer garden.
That chuffin wabby just stung me
by Kuthula June 08, 2004
Describing something that is long or tall. Similar to lanky but with more emphasis on the instability of the object (the word itself conjures images of swaying or buckling). The Empire state building could not be described as wabby as it is VERY stable and has a proportionally thick circumference for its height. A palm tree could be described as wabby. The word can also mean exhausted as in physically unstable/ need to lie down and can be used to describe clumsiness if someone is prone to knocking things over.
"Hugos got proper wabby legs man"
"Im wabbed out mate, im gonna stay in tonight"
"stop wabbing about, you're breaking stuff"
by lloydnoise April 11, 2007
A girl/woman with big tits.
Fran "That midget is wabby as fuck"

Aaron "Catch it! I want it alive! We can sell it to the circus!"
by Aaron Chapman October 19, 2007
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