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To mean good, great, like flipin eck, life is good!!
chuffin lovley! chuffin eck! (as in heck!)
by Phil Colesell September 19, 2006
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Area between your crotch and leg.
I chaffed my chuffin.
by Hillbillyz April 30, 2011
Chocolate Muffin.
I want a really big Chuffin.
by Scooty4575 December 16, 2010
Chicken slathered in barbeque sauce and baked in a muffin pan.

Some recipes maintain the use of dough to encase shredded chicken.

Any recipe is acceptable as long as the concept remains intact.
You want some chicken?
You want a muffin?
How about a chuffin?
by chuffin revolution February 01, 2010
a super hairy chest. A chest muffin.
Brandon has a magnificent chuffin!
by Uhhhh, don't have one August 11, 2012
Chuffins are gifts you give to people you don't like, sort of like death cookies and poison-berry muffins.
UserNameWithNumbers2517: ur such a fag man go eat some chuffins
ChUfFiNeAtEr: ThAnKs DuDe!111111
by *insertnamehere* March 03, 2007

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