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A term for drinking alcoholic beverages.
Are you coming out for some scoops tonight?
by Kuthula June 08, 2004
A term for a wasp - a nasty flying insect of yellow and black livery that materialises whenever you're trying to enjoy a pint in a beer garden.
That chuffin wabby just stung me
by Kuthula June 08, 2004
1/ Someone who rumages around a refuse site selecting uneaten food, silver things, and old tyres for re-use around their caravan.

2/ A council worker ensuring the smooth running of the local refuse site.
1/ Look that tip-monkey has just run off with the tin-foil tray from last nights chinese.

2/ What do you mean I need a permit to dump asbestos here? You're just a jumped up tip monkey.
by Kuthula June 08, 2004
1 - A New Mini from BMW.

2 - an article of female clothing, akin to the male shirt
1 - haha he's driving a blouse.

2 - Oooo what a smashing blouse you are wearing.
by Kuthula June 08, 2004
A term for the testicles, rhyming slang - Betty Swollocks.
My bettys are sticking to my leg it's so hot.
by Kuthula June 08, 2004
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