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The official jerkin shoes. They come in different colors such as yellow, red, blue, black..etc. Very comfortable help u slam higher and stand on your tipy toes. The Vlados store is located in LA
jerk1 : i like your red vlados

jerk2 : thanks they are the official jerk shoes
by P@nicxXxNI June 29, 2010
wtf its a shoe! a kick ass shoe!
person 1: damn! those are some hot shoes man
person 2:ik they are vlados!
person 1:wow ima get some (thts wht he said!)
by hotasmofo June 23, 2010
The only shoes appropiate for jerking. They started as skateboarding shoes until they met true talent that was worthy of them.
Nah, man. You ain't a jerker! You ain't even got vlados!
by cinnamon14 November 24, 2011
It is an old name that has a connection with the establishment of parliament in Croatia, 'vlade'- As per histroical research by a high prriest from the capital of Coratia, Zagreb.
- Please note, It took a week or so to get this definition.

Though not entirely clear, it clearly has an underground element to it or to say it shows deep ability to control from behind the scenes.

It is a name given with high expectations.
It is pronounced with an 'r' on the end, 'Vlador'!

Humorously, it can be mixed with words like 'Vladorable'.

Though with a name like this it is not entirely easy for westerners to pronounce. It is typically shortened to Vlad.
by V Big V February 28, 2011
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