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the abbreviation for what.
Wht're u doing?
Wht did she say?
by kimmy-k May 23, 2006
54 26
WHT = "What's he thinking?". To be used when a male friend is acting ridiculous.
Liz - Where's Kenny?

Me - Over there talking to that woman in the white shirt ...

Liz - OMG, she's wearing 5 inch Lucite heels to a street festival. WHT?
by Mary Low July 31, 2009
7 7
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by Bob Shoe August 07, 2004
30 30
abbreviation for the word whats
Person 1: hey whts up?
person 2: nm jc hbu?
2 3
Hip-Hop abbeviation for "white" made by dropping the vowels.
Saul Williams: This NGH bites! And, according to pictures, this NGH white! WHT?!
by Jimmy R. June 28, 2006
5 44