invented by Jonathan Swift as a nickname for his lady friend Esther Vanhougan.
"Vanessa, where art thou?"
"Who do you beckon sire? No one goes by that name?"
"Hush slave, I fashioned that name for my dear Esther"

by Jujuman May 05, 2009
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A moderately common name for an American female; pretty; hot; beautiful; perfect; cutest girl you'll ever see; angel
Vanessa is my best friend.
by yo momma 84837 May 03, 2006
A beautiful girl.
Loves music, hanging out with her friends, and eating.
Very friendly, sexy, and stylish.
The one best friend everyone wants.
The one girl every guy wants.
Shes tough so dont mess around with her.
Shes the most special girl in the world.
I want to meet my perfect Vanessa.
by iTurtlexP March 28, 2009
As stated in other definitions of vanessa she is always known as being cute, and is the basic definition of perfection. she is the most beautiful girl in the world, and is perfect in every single way. people associated with the name vanessa are usually attracted to large wooden clocks.
vanessa is beautful and perfect
by samthesnowflake December 26, 2007
The hottest chick on EARTH, damnn you know that ANYONE named Vanessa is the hottest chick you will ever see. Anyone named Vanessa is hottest than the damn sun itself.
BOY1: yeah I'm hanging out with vanessa today.
BOY2: her name?
BOY1: yeah dude why?
by Vanessaaa February 09, 2008
Smart, Funny, Charming, Caring, Responsible, Beautiful, Gorgeous Eyes that would be so easy to get lost in, yet you would never care, so lost yet held there so happy so content, and a smile that lights up a room and makes your heart pound. A rare combination, someone beautiful inside as well as outside.
Vanessa is an amazing person.
by Nononenamedadam September 21, 2009
A girl who is overlooked by others, someone who is very special but is much too often taken for granted. An amazing girl who is incredibly beautiful on the inside and out. A person who is extremely sensitive, even in a comfortable environment. Although very friendly and sociable, Vanessa can be shy and apprehensive. A person who comes once in a lifetime, that will change who you are as a person forever. Someone who you should never let go, if you do you will regret it.
"You have an incredible girlfriend, Vanessa is one you should never let go. She is amazing, you are very lucky to have her."
by Chief McBrom August 21, 2011
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