Vanessa is the most entertaining person you will ever meet. She's loud and creative. Vanessa is also an insanly good athlete. She understands what hard work is. Vanessa knows how to make a room a silent strangers become abnoxious friends. She is innocent but not afraid to be wild. Vanessa is gorgeous with her facial features and her body. Vanessa understands what it means to live, she does not waste time. Vanessa is honestly the most beautiful person inside and out. She has a heart of gold. All Vanessa wants to do is give to this world. She is a butterfly. She soars as an athlete and as a beautiful creature. Vanessa accepts others, she won't let you down. Vanessa has a beautiful soul and will go very far in her lifetime.
did you see that beautiful young lady run to save a life?

yes, that's vanessa.
by happinessiskey June 27, 2011
An amazing friend that will always stick around. She's quite random and humorous. She's also a little bit on the nerdy side, but that's one of the best things about her.
Vanessa: You're not laughing! What's wrong?
Vanessa: What's that on your shirt? Haha, tricked you!
by BigMac<3 April 29, 2011
invented by Jonathan Swift as a nickname for his lady friend Esther Vanhougan.
"Vanessa, where art thou?"
"Who do you beckon sire? No one goes by that name?"
"Hush slave, I fashioned that name for my dear Esther"

by Jujuman May 05, 2009
vanessas are very adorbale and cute when you see her deep brown eyes youll melt in them vanessa is a sweet and loving girl that may seem innocent about everything atheart she is a wild child she gets along with pretty much everyone she meets and anyone that has had vanessa as a girlfriend knows that she is one of the best kissers ever though vanessas may not be tall there shortness is the best thing about them escpically there but is to die for if you meet a vanessa youll see that she is very charming and maybe a little bit flirty she is very talktive but is a awsome listner though she may come off as annoying sometimes she has the best intentions vanessas are very sweet people and a little flirtatious but if you ever meet a vanessa and leave her youll regret it
boy1: where ya been
boy2: with my girl
boy1: your girl whats her name

boy2: vanessa
boy1:she must be a bangin kisser
boy2: you know it
boy1: lucy i wish i had a vanessa
by hottie80956 December 09, 2011
lovable; beautiful; sexy; smart; love holding her in my arms; looking into her eyes and getting lost; getting melted with her tender lips; an angel baby; goddess; the most beautiful butterfly; always in my mind 24/7; great kisser; best smile ever; Eskimo kisses; beautiful feet; a great listener; passionate person; when your with her, your the happiest guy in the world, but at the same time, your the saddest cause soon you will have to say goodbye; Bootylicious; her little moan will drive you crazy; irresistible; hot; gorgeous; attractive; flirt
not a care in the world when I'm with my vanessa...
by La, La, La, La means... December 31, 2011
Vanessa: A girl who is overlooked by others, someone who is very special but is much too often taken for granted. An amazing girl who is incredibly beautiful on the inside and out. A person who is extremely sensitive, even in a comfortable environment. Although very friendly and sociable, Vanessa can be shy and apprehensive. A person who comes once in a lifetime, that will change who you are as a person forever. Someone who you should never let go, if you do you will regret it. She loves to sing, eat, and laugh. Her soulmate will be someone that shes had a past with and came back in her life, Vanessa is described as a simple word such as beauty.
Vanessa is Like A Flower Freshly Cut From A Garden
by NameEdits November 21, 2012
One hot ass bitch that sets trends that you all follow. She gives a hot mess a new meaning. Thasss right.
oh damn that girl is a Vanessa" or "Did you see that girl? She was acting like a Vanessa
by Mythbitch July 27, 2011
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