Vanessa is the more beautiful person out there in the world. She is described to be a handful but when she is handled with the right care she is found to be very loving and caring. She loves animals and will always be in hearts and she is a tough spirited person who can give a great whopping
Vanessa is a tough cookie
by alysia_boo December 14, 2013
The most amazing types of people. Always makes a best friend and never lets you down. Loves green tea and tea tree and has the most amazing lime coconut cookies :) Super pretty and loves Simba :P Shares an interest in Disney movies with Avonlee. The most amazing type of person in the world and everyone who knows a Vanessa is very lucky <3 Vanessas need to watch Tommy with Avonlees :)
Luke Skywalker: Look at that teatree smelling coconut lime cookie eating pretty girl.
Princess Laya: She must be a Vanessa
by purplezebralovingelephant June 06, 2009
She's an honest person, if people like it or not.
And she's the epitome of the word beautiful.
She's my best friend, but at the same time, the person i love.
She's a great singer, and has an amazing taste in music.
"I wish my girlfriend was like Vanessa"
by bcastle July 10, 2013
A special girl who loves animals, music and eating.
She'll take in any kind of stray anywhere, even if they're not cute.
She plays piano, guitar and sax and can play almost any music she hears by ear.
She's hilarious and makes everyone she meets laugh.
She's beautiful, smart and funny.
She's my sister and my best friend
Everyone should have a sister like Vanessa.

Vanessa is so funny she should be famous!
by Superstar44 February 04, 2010
Cool, pretty, loved by everyone...
She can be a pain in the ass but really sweet
Family before anything (best friends are family)
Brown hair and beautiful eyes
Extremely funny!!!
-I met this beautiful and funny girl at a party last night!!!
~Looks like you met a Vanessa.
by Cece Raquel pierce February 17, 2015
Vanessa is the sweetest, prettiest girl you will ever meet. She is a Brazillian goddess, and the best friend anyone could ever have. She always knows how to make someone feel welcome in every situation. She is wonderful at everything she does. She will never judge you no matter what you do, and you can trust her with your life. Vanessa is gifted with so many things, and being a part of her life makes you one of the luckiest people alive. If you ever get a chance to befriend a Vanessa, do it! It wil lbe the best decision you ever made!
There's no possible example you can give. Vanessa's just too great.
by momo19 April 26, 2013
The girl who makes everyone laugh. She is beautiful on the inside and out. She is pretty, hot, perfect, cutest girl you'll ever see. This girl has slammin hips. The girl who's deticated and likes to dance and party. Mess with her and you'll regret it.
Damn look at her, that must be Vanessa.
That girl Vanessa is fine as hell!
That girl Vanessa has booty!
Vanessa is my bestfriend.
by _lmao February 12, 2015
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