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The best girl in the world. She loves eating, chilling with friends, and her family. She is the best friend you could ever ask for. Shes sexy, amazing, and nice. She is hotter than the damn sun. Every guy is chasing after her but only one guy will get her. Shes a fighter so dont mess with her. If shes ur girlfriend then you're lucky because she is the best girlfriend you could ever ask for.
Girl 1: Hey what are you doing tonight?

Girl 2: I'm hanging out with Vanessa.

Girl 1: OMG She's soo nice, I love her
by Present V May 08, 2013
8 3
Vanessa is nice sometimes but is mostly a bitch.

She's gorgeous and beautiful and doesn't let the haters get to her.
She is funny AF.
Anonymous: "You're a bitch."

Vanessa: "I dont give a fuck."
by Soccer41 April 10, 2014
5 2
The absolute most amazing girl you could ever find. Shes funny, sweet, kind, and couldn't possibly be any more gorgeous.

She has the most amazing brown eyes. She has the most amazing puppy dog eyes that she could rule the world with if she really wanted to. When you see her face your knees weaken and there is nothing more you can do but to fall in love.

Her smile will make your heart beat fast and her voice will make your heart stop.

The most accurate way to describe her is one word...Angel
Person 1: wow look at Vanessa she looks nice

Person 2: yeah she's an angel
by Revelthis February 07, 2014
5 1
Vanessa is the more beautiful person out there in the world. She is described to be a handful but when she is handled with the right care she is found to be very loving and caring. She loves animals and will always be in hearts and she is a tough spirited person who can give a great whopping
Vanessa is a tough cookie
by alysia_boo December 14, 2013
4 1
Vanessa with blueberries
by James Pearl March 07, 2013
5 2
Vanessa is the girl with all the right moves in all the right places ;), and she will do ANYTHING for any man and even any woman (within reason). She's very flexible and able to adapt to any position, yet she's still Firm and can get any man Hard.

- Disease free.
- High quality 1080p mate.
- Fullcream milk.
- Provides lov'in anytime of month.
Anon1: "What did you do last night?"

Anon2: "I had the best sex of my life, she was an absolute Vanessa!"

David Sexican: "Damn! Imma git me sum of dat ass!"
by Buttholedestroyer August 09, 2012
13 10
Vanessa is the sweetest, prettiest girl you will ever meet. She is a Brazillian goddess, and the best friend anyone could ever have. She always knows how to make someone feel welcome in every situation. She is wonderful at everything she does. She will never judge you no matter what you do, and you can trust her with your life. Vanessa is gifted with so many things, and being a part of her life makes you one of the luckiest people alive. If you ever get a chance to befriend a Vanessa, do it! It wil lbe the best decision you ever made!
There's no possible example you can give. Vanessa's just too great.
by momo19 April 26, 2013
3 1