A nice, honest, trustworthy, friendly, funny, sassy, bad-ass, hilarious, beautiful, and overall an amazing friend and person. The guys absolutely love her. She's a very popular girl and always gets invited to the best parties. She's very individual but a very cool unique person that is easy-going. She makes everyone around her laugh and she's just a very bubbly person. God love her.
I wish i was as cool as Vanessa.

I wish Vanessa was my friend.
#pretty #funny #nice #friendly #beautiful
by bbaycakez4mimmi October 09, 2011

Cute, beautiful, Visionary, Amazing, Neat, Amusing
vanessa your the only vanessa in my world
#cute #preety #vanessa #amazing #neat
by remlik23 May 25, 2009
Smart, creative, and fun loving. Able to adapt to any situation. Vanessa's are usually slim and sexy with an adorable look. Able to talk her way out of any situation and able to bullshit her way into any as well. With a caring, loving, and honest personality she is usually hard to keep still. Keeping a Vanessa's attention will prove to be imposible. Easliy distracted. Loves family and friends and loves to talk. She can be your best friend or your WORST enemy. Not easy to anger but she is spiteful to the ones who hurt her family and friends.
Vanessa has a great personality and an awesome figure!! One of the hottest chicks ever seen. She is slender and short. Even though she doesn't have large breast or a plump butt she is still one of the sexiest people I have ever met. What I wouldn't give to keep her attention. Vanessa is nothing short of a goddess
#sexiest #loving #adorable #hottest #slender #short
by Justaguy!!! February 05, 2010
A beautiful name for a beautiful person. It means butterfly and has several similarities with it. Vanessa's are delicate and kind, they're naturally blessed with everything good and always try to make the world a nicer, prettier place.
Guy:"Hey, that butterfly makes the world look pretty"
Vanessa: "Did you know the name Vanessa means butterfly?"
Guy: "Hey that fits, you're always making the world more gorgeous everyday"
#vanessa #vanesa #butterfly #world #pretty #gorgeous #blessed #delicate
by lochmonster April 14, 2010
Sexy powerful goddess. A women who understands and listens, who supports and creates. She is not just your girlfriend she is your friend and your family. Everyone gets along with her and she knows lot's of people. She is creative and loves to make things. She can cook really well and loves to eat with others.
Vanessa makes me feel special.
#sexy #creative #goddess #loving #powerful
by vanessa's buddy February 13, 2010
A beatiful Girl who is sweet on the indside and out. She's a wonderful person and greatful for most things, sometimes. She wants to fall in love but she cant, she's afraid ; She has been through pain befor, and she dosnet like that feeling. She's hopeing for her prince charming. The one she will spend the rest of her life with. When she falls for a boy, well damn, she's gonna fall hard. But Is he willing to catch her?.. She's wants to grow up very fast. She's all about it. She's very pretty, although she get's very jealouse all the time. Once Vanessa has fallen for a boy, she's gonna be there for a while, she not like any other girl you will EVER meet. She's beyond perfect. She's know's how to take care of a boy or shall we say .. Man. Otherwise, She has very low temper when it comes to fighting, she cant help it though. Dont blame her. She is not a big fan of rain; but she loves thunderstorms. She's cute, loveing , kind , shy , sweet, something a guy would die for. But some guy's dont treat her right, thats her fear. She wants a man who is awayls gonna be there for her through think & thin, she dosnet care anymore , She just wants somebody to love her. If you ever get the chance to be with her.. Treat her right. Or Karma has a suprise for you.
Everything a girl wants & needs. Vanessa Bennette.!
#girls #boy #life #karma #prince charming #love.
by YouzDontzKnowzMezzzx! December 14, 2011
The most shy and sweetest girl, her smile will make your day and you will be happy all day just because of it.She has the best tan and may be short, but don't underestimate her strongness.Vanessa is incredibley athletic but has no clue.The bestest friend a girl can have, she is very loyal and is just a really good girl.She might not do bad things but she is crazy! No matter what she has your back even if your wrong.
Wow that girl is so shy, she has to be a Vanessa?
#cute #short #athletic #sweet #loyal.
by TheGiraffe;) June 06, 2010
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