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Vanessa: A girl who is overlooked by others, someone who is very special but is much too often taken for granted. An amazing girl who is incredibly beautiful on the inside and out. A person who is extremely sensitive, even in a comfortable environment. Although very friendly and sociable, Vanessa can be shy and apprehensive. A person who comes once in a lifetime, that will change who you are as a person forever. Someone who you should never let go, if you do you will regret it. She loves to sing, eat, and laugh. Her soulmate will be someone that shes had a past with and came back in her life, Vanessa is described as a simple word such as beauty.
Vanessa is Like A Flower Freshly Cut From A Garden
by NameEdits November 21, 2012
The most amazing types of people. Always makes a best friend and never lets you down. Loves green tea and tea tree and has the most amazing lime coconut cookies :) Super pretty and loves Simba :P Shares an interest in Disney movies with Avonlee. The most amazing type of person in the world and everyone who knows a Vanessa is very lucky <3 Vanessas need to watch Tommy with Avonlees :)
Luke Skywalker: Look at that teatree smelling coconut lime cookie eating pretty girl.
Princess Laya: She must be a Vanessa
by purplezebralovingelephant June 06, 2009
Vanessa, usually a fun crazy girl who can make you laugh. She's one of a kind, you can never find a girl like her. she knows how to get the party going. she can be a dork at times. and she's one of the nicest person that you'll ever meet. she has a way of dressing , always with the cool things , Vanessa can make your day from sad to happy .
Friend 1: Daamn , she's just so different from other girls she's amazing.
Friend 2: She must be that Vanessa chick then.
by imcool123 April 15, 2012
The perfect woman. Someone who will always be nice to you. You will want her to be your best friend, and if that does happen, you will fall in love with her. She has beautiful brown eyes, long, curly hair, and a perfect, white smile. Once you love her, it hurts to be apart. If you love something, set it free. If you set Vanessa free, you'll regret it.
Boy 1: Hey, I just hooked up with Vanessa!
Boy 2: Dude that's awesome, who's Vanessa?
Boy 1: You don't know who Vanessa is? She's the most beautiful girl you'll ever see. She has sparkling brown eyes, and you couldn't ask for more.
Boy 2: Bro I'm so jealous of you!
by Noah_Bear June 07, 2013
Vanessa is a great friend and an all-around great person to spend time with. She is shy around new people but can be a lot of fun once you get to know her. She's mysterious and only shares secrets with her closest friends. However, she will always be there for you if you need her. She has the most beautiful brown eyes that sparkle when she looks at you and her smile will light up your day. She is beautiful in every way. She also has a unique sense of fashion. Vanessa can be seen wearing mismatched shoes and socks, and bright colors. Vanessa enjoys baking and is a superb artist. She is a girl you come across once in a lifetime. If you are friends with Vanessa, don't let her go or you will regret it for the rest of your life.
Friend #1: I went to the movies last night with Vanessa.
Friend #2: No way! How was it?
Friend #1: Amazing! She is the sweetest girl in the world!
Friend #2: I know! How could anyone not love her?
by JeffreyTheGiraffe May 18, 2013
She's an honest person, if people like it or not.
And she's the epitome of the word beautiful.
She's my best friend, but at the same time, the person i love.
She's a great singer, and has an amazing taste in music.
"I wish my girlfriend was like Vanessa"
by bcastle July 10, 2013
The best girl in the world. She loves eating, chilling with friends, and her family. She is the best friend you could ever ask for. Shes sexy, amazing, and nice. She is hotter than the damn sun. Every guy is chasing after her but only one guy will get her. Shes a fighter so dont mess with her. If shes ur girlfriend then you're lucky because she is the best girlfriend you could ever ask for.
Girl 1: Hey what are you doing tonight?

Girl 2: I'm hanging out with Vanessa.

Girl 1: OMG She's soo nice, I love her
by Present V May 08, 2013