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in Mexico a VAGO is a person who does not do anything in the entire day. He does not have a work, he does not go to the school, he just is walking on the streets.
1. you should to go to school, you are a VAGO

2. try to have a good job, and no to be VAGO
by vicman March 05, 2006
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Hispanic street gang in the game 'Grand Theft Auto San Andreas'. They are mostly seen in the north and east parts of Los Santos.
Their color is yellow.
CJ: "Let's kill som Vagos cats!"
by Steve Raemakers February 14, 2008
The line or seam that is on your penis and then runs over your testicles.

Pronounced "Vah Jo"
Billy: "I got injured in gym today"

Bobby: "What did you do tear your Vago or something?

Joe: "Do you need some stitches for your Vago Bill?"
by Joseph Moss January 09, 2012

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