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An erect clitoris (vagina boner).
That bitch was gettin' so hot. She had a huge vagoner!
by Guy Smiley November 12, 2003
1. A female erection.

2. A Female boner!
OMG! I am so horny I have a huge vagoner!
#vagina #boner #va j j #erection #horny
by Kaycee B February 13, 2008
A mashup of Vagina and Boner, a Vagoner (pronounced "Vaj-joner") is a mammoth erection lost due to something being so shocking, disgusting or unsexy that it immediately crawls deep up inside the mans body, subsequently resembling a timid, trembling vagina.
Dude 1: Hey man. Did I ever tell you about the time I had the worlds deepest vagoner?
Dude 2: No way dude. What happened?
Dude 1: I was fucking my girlfriend doggy style, her hands were tied, she was gagged, all that kinky shit. I was soooo hard man.
Dude 2: Daaaamn bro.
Dude 1: Oh it gets worse. I go deeper, she squeals. Suddenly she farts and the room is filled with filthy stank-air.
Dude 2: THE FUCK?
Dude 1: Yeah man. My boner literally cried, shrank, and shot straight up inside my body. It looked like a pussy. No lie.
Dude 2: Man, that would give ANYONE a vagoner. Serious.
#vagina #boner #sex #genitals #pussy #dick #cock #cunt
by Viexi July 25, 2012
A mix between a Vagina and a Boner.
Zack: "Ewww, did you see her?"

Vin: "Ya!, I think she had a Vagoner!!!"

Zack: "Yuck"

Vin: "Yuck indeed"
#bongina #boner #vagina #vagener #vagonah
by TheBigManGuy11 April 19, 2010
a boner of the vagina
Oh! He just game me such an amazing vagoner.
#boner #vagina #vaginer #hello #sexy
by im~sexy~and~i~know~it December 24, 2011
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