Morpheme of the words 'Vagina' and 'Anus' to supplant other naming conventions for strange body parts (Like the Cloaca). Also used as an insult.
"That chicken layed an egg out of its vaganus."
"Don't be such a vaganus."
by Cauders July 14, 2008
The result of giving birth - when the outer skin of the vagina rips, temporarily leaving the anus & vagina as one hole.
After she gave birth, the doctor gave her pain medication for her vaganus.
by SFHulaGirl October 15, 2005
thing that happens when a really huge penis tears a fanny and in the words of the Spice Girls- two become oneeeee, forming a huge hole that you can probably climb inside and live a perfectly normal life
1) I wanted to take my Ak-47 and a selection of pills, cocaine and prostitutes on holiday with me so i hid them in my wheelchair bound gran's vaganus

2) Carl: "What's for tea tonight mum?"
Mum: "Vaganus dear, shall i save you the ovaries for your packed lunch tomorrow? you can take them to work love"
by BEEFY_RODRIGUEZ January 23, 2009
This is when a girl has a what appears to be a vagina, but when you open it up, it's actually a anus.
I went to eat her out, but she had a vaganus and I do not toss the salad.
by Garrett November 21, 2004
when a female vagina is so tight it is in the form of a little boys anus
dude i tried to stick it in but she had a vaganus. it was impenatrable
by 8 March 30, 2003
When the vagina and anus are one hole. This can be a birth defect or can be created through surgery.
Dood, I slipped her panties down and she only had one hole down there. It was a freakin' vaganus!
by Eggman December 13, 2004
Squeezing a watermalon through a hose... (Enduring Childbirth), and having your perenium rip from the pressure
Doctor : Ok nurse .. you can sew up Mrs Smith's vaganus now..
by Chrissy February 15, 2004

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