a combination vagina/anus
person 1: you're an ugly bastard
person 2: suck my vaganus
by sirsurefoot April 23, 2005
Vaganus, the after affect of the vaganus maker(the ultimate shocker) where teh vagina and the anus become one due to the ripping on the seperating wall.
After the vaganus maker debby was never the same.
by Jake Schatzel April 21, 2005
When the vagina and anus are one hole. This can be a birth defect or can be created through surgery.
Dood, I slipped her panties down and she only had one hole down there so I had vaganal sex last night.
by Eggman November 24, 2004
a birth defect where the vagina and anus become one organ
"dude i went to fuck her and pleaure her but as i did my finger poked through the anus to her vagina where i could feel my hand
by QTip February 03, 2003
a birth defect in which the vagina and the anus are still seperate holes but they are located in between the buttocks
I tried stuffing my cock between her legs where the vagina is normally located.But to my amazement it was actually located between her fartcheecks.
by Le`on Diego April 27, 2003
1. The imaginary love hole of she-males and pillow biters. 2. The female perineum; or space between bunghole and pussy.
Ralphetta tucked her tackle between her legs, lifted her hairy butt in the air and cried, "Have me in the vaganus, fellas! Vaganus all around!"
by Horus Perineum, PhD March 20, 2003
noun; the general slang term used for when a male of puerto rican descent has an unusually large and stretched anal canal lined with an overgrowth of pubic hair. See also man-gina.
As Tupac mooned us, we saw the forest that was his vaganus. Beneath the forest was a place no man would ever dare to venture. Lurking within the jungle, one could find anything. Lions. Tigers. Bears. Wild crabs. Anything.
by Larry the Ice cream Man December 17, 2004

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