(n) The condition of a female's genitals when a part Irish Fireman's large fist has been rammed so far in that the two orifaces merge into one
Mimi formed a single vaganus after Matthew had finished with her
by Bartlett fireman 96 January 08, 2013
When an Episiotomy goes horribly wrong, leaving the woman with a lack of distinction between her Vagina and her anus
Her baby wrecked her! yeah the doc gave her episiotomy that left her with a vaganus.
by neanderman November 05, 2011
A very loose anus that is on the verge of prolapse.
The ease as which the dildo entered Mr Palmers ass suggested he was born with a vaganus.
by Lorenzicus November 03, 2011
The Vaganus is the area between the vagina and anus usually measuring 0.36MM to 1.96CM. Otherwise known as 'The Female Gooch'
Hey babe, I wasn't sure weather to put my dick in your shit-pipe or pussy-hole so i just rubbed it all over the VAGANUS until I could decide...
by VAG-KAKES January 17, 2011
When an ass or vagina has been fucked so hard that 2 holes become one and the dividing area of skin between them ceases to exist.
Reedy: "Hey Reggie, nice Vaganus"

Reggie: "I know.. that was a breathtaking ass pounding last night"
Reedy: "Wasn't it".
by Reginald P Dangerfield June 07, 2010
n. An area of the female anatomy located between the vagina and the anus. The female equivalent of the "scranus".
I have quite the tickle on my vaganus.
I haven't shaved my vaganus since Nam.
by Phil martell December 31, 2008
The area of a woman's body located between the vagina and the anus.
When performing oral sex on a girl, it is important to not ignore the vaganus as this area is just as sensitive as the rest of the parts.
by Raksimus May 04, 2010

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