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A person who cannot or will not stop eating, often associated with obesity.
"Look at your plate! are you an ushi"
by Dr. Poppenstein June 22, 2007
soft on the inside but hard on the outside
that gumball is so hard on the outside but so soft on the is ushi

that girl is so mean but on the inside is nice...she is ushi
by heyallie June 25, 2010
u-shi (pronounced oo-she or uh-she)

Something that is completely nonsensical, objectionable and stupid.
What one cries out upon hearing something ignorant, foolish, and annoying.
My teacher gave me dentention even though I was only one minute late, that is so ushi!

Guy1: Backstreet Boys rawk!
Guy2: Ushi!
by Remigio Torres October 26, 2005
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