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1. amusing in an odd way; whimsically humorous; waggish.
Prince is just so very droll
#droll #humorous #funny #waggish #odd
by rick olsen October 18, 2007
n. - Strong marijuana; one of several Jamacian terms for pot

adj. - Especially potent or enjoyable; Jamacian adjective, usually used to describe marijuana
"Just gimme the light and pass the droll" - Sean Paul, 'Gimme The Light'
"Give me some droll purple weeds and some chocolate" - 50cent, 'High All The Time'
by LazyBlaze May 07, 2003
A portmanteua of drudge report and troll. A person who feels the need to intergect far right wing politics into the coments section of a news story, no matter how inappropriare.
I was called a socialist, communist, athiest, muslim on my blog by a droll for supporting obama.
#beckheads #limbaughites #faux heads #conservtards #teabaggers
by knownunkown March 10, 2014
when someone is speaking or texting blunty, or cannot keep a conversation using language like; ok. fine. etc.
and when they have boring conversations
you: hey
you: how are you?
them: fine.
you: stop being so droll
#texting #boring #drol #drool #fun #stupid #blunt #ok #fine
by ginggy July 30, 2013
A mis-spelling of drole - a frenchism meaning funny.
That joke is *so* drole (droll)!
#french #frenchism #franglais #drole #funny
by l33tmike February 25, 2008
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