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(P00"TaNG") A Slang word used to describe female genitals. Often combined with the word "Pie".
Hey Baby, how's about you let me eat some of your sweet Pootang Pie.
by Captain Jack Sparrow August 27, 2003
521 158
1.) another word for the always fantastic pussy
2.) my local gang
1.) ohhh boy, that pu-tang was niiice last night
by eyephuqdyamum April 16, 2005
396 182
the beautiful hole between a womans legs
ie: pussy, beaver, snapper...
mmmmm..... SWEET "putang"
by me May 15, 2003
357 163
slang for pussy
guy 1: what u doin tonight?

guy 2: i;m gettin me some pu tang!
by friggin_azn August 12, 2008
111 65
another word for that certain part of the female body that drives men crazy
whoa she has to have the sweetest putang in the world
by Deamon Dead April 17, 2008
100 85
the Tagalog word for Bitch derived from spanish word "puta"
it's definition is similar to "son of a bitch"
Putang ina mo!

putang = Bitch
ina = mother
mo = of yours
by pinoyn8cha August 20, 2006
125 157
The drunken canadien word for poutine, a delicious after bar meal that consists of french fries, cheese and gravy. best when served in the lower part of a brown paper bag that has been cut in half.
hey nicole want to grab a putang after the bar?
by Stirfry Golfclub July 17, 2009
47 88