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One of the five boroughs of NYC which was originally part of Westchester county in the 1800's til they made the subway connection from the Bronx to Manhattan. Home of Hip Hop music and Culture. Home of the Bronx Zoo, The Yankees, Botanical Gardens, Zulu Nation(originally the Black Spades) and birth place of John Gotti. The only borough which has "THE" in front of it's name.
"This ain't New York, This the Bronx!!!" BeatStreet...
by olskoolrule May 27, 2004
1.A basketball players term meaning can jump high. 2. A graffiti writers term meaning bombing all over the city or getting your ups.
Michael Jordan got crazy ups
Yo XXXone got crazy ups.
by Olskoolrule May 26, 2004
A played out slang term from the mid to late 90's meaning getting loose or dreesing fly that was used by New Yorkers(mainly Harlem cats) before Will Smith came out with "Getting Jiggy with it".
Yo duke looking Jiggy tonight with the Phat Farm sweater and the Jewalzz...


Damn you was getting Jiggy on the dance floor last night.
by Olskoolrule May 26, 2004
Gold teeth, or caps which originated in Brooklyn/Queens NYC back in the late 70's early 80s. Then B-more picked it up, now the Dirty South is rocking Fronts.
Gold fronts started in NY. Bust the old school spitage:

"Well that's true that's why we never have know Beef so I washed off the soap and brushed the Gold teeth" Slick Rick Ladi Dadi 1984

"I got Gold teeth and they don't chew beef" Big Daddy Kane Young Gifted and Black 1989
by olskoolrule May 27, 2004
The best and only true hip hop movie/documentary ever made which focused on the unification of Graf, B-Boying, MCing and DJing and also bringing the sounds of the Bronx to Manhattan. Excellent party scene which truly captured the essence of old school hip hop.
Wildstyle is one dope ass flick along with The Freshest Kids.
by olskoolrule May 27, 2004
Gold caps placed on your teeth. Some people have them permenantly placed on and others have removable caps, frames, or crowns. A style that originated in Brooklyn/Queens NYC. Then migrated to B-More and now the Dirty South are sportn fronts hard.
Slick Rick(AKA Ricky D), Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Just-Ice, and Flava Flav of PE were amongs the first rappers to rock Gold Fronts. Back in the 80's a way to distinguish cats from Brooklyn & Queens from dudes from Uptown(Haelem) and the Bronx.
by Olskoolrule July 09, 2004
To Wear or sport an outfit our garmet. To tear the roof off when a band, or Hip Hop crew performs.
"yo son was rocking the blue and grey, Beef N Brocoli timbs." Or "The Wu rock the house last night."
by olskoolrule May 25, 2004
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