the best c0unt3r-g4m3s play0r to ever grace the internet
w0w, untouchable just pwned my face
by jord October 10, 2004
stupid ass bitches who think they are amazing but are just jelous of us
the untouchables dont talk trash because they are too good for that
by fuckit all September 02, 2004
a group of friends who ruled Mckeesport High School and the tri-state area from 2002-present. they went through school doing the things no one ever thought imaginable and got away with it. they remain the most feared group alive. also known as the "trio" ;Blase "The God of Sex", Andrew "Salvy", and Kevin "Duke".
1. dude are you dumb!? you shouldnt have fucked with the Untouchables! they're gonna kill you now! they get their kicks out of smashing peoples faces in!
2. so Blase was in his office having coffee with the principle again. damn, id give my left nut to be an Untouchable.
by The God of Sex January 28, 2007

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