Top Definition
Beautiful girl who has power and control over another person.
See also Imogen
by Matt_F January 31, 2004
The quiet girl from school with the frizzy hair that turns into that tease you wanna bed
seductress, temptress, tease
by peaches ss March 04, 2010
sharon stone as catherine tramell in the movie basic instinct...the most amazing seductress ever
Did you see how Catherine (Sharon Stone) just got that guy to start smoking and drinking again? And how she got him into all that hot mess with the pussy flash and the fuck of the century? She is a total seductress!
by sexualasians October 24, 2013
A girl (or really feminine boy, wee) who holds the power of seduction.
That boy is such a seductress, I want to tie him down and have sex with him.
by Elley Chaos June 26, 2003
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