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A person of Finnish origin; a person who comes from Finland.
That's one crazy Finn.
by K March 24, 2004
A hardworking, silent dude living in one of the coldest countries in the world, Finland. The prural form is "finns". They produce the best mobile phones and the best music in the world and have problems with heavy consumption of alcohol. Male finns are usually very masculine and intelligent, while female finns are pretty and very independent. One of the few European folks were most of the men (over 80%) enter the army, so they are pretty much responsible of the defence of Scandinavia, because Swedes rather pack the fudge than defend their country.
-I have a date with a finn today.
-Really? I bet she is ugly. They all are.
-How do you know that? How many finns have you seen?
-None, but since I'm a jealous Swede, I just think they are all ugly.
by Revontuli February 20, 2008
Literally the best kind of person that is living.
He is very strong funny and talented at everything he tries.
He is a sex god and is friends with such people as mr t and chuck norris. He may show off but you just try not to be impressed. He is kind and thoughtful and is in no relation to the finnish race.
God your so fat get your ass of the couch you need to be more like a Finn. ;D
by urbanz4life June 14, 2011
A first or last name of Irish origin, meaning ‘First of’, ‘Great ones’. Can also be French (but no one likes the French).
Can also be written as, "Fynn" "Finnerin" "O'Finn"
Huckleberry Finn, Finn MacCool, Finn MacCumhail.
by Finn February 23, 2005
An amazing amazing boy. Very honest about everything. They will always be upfront with you. Sometimes they have a hard time following through with promises, but make up for it in the end. All girls love them. They are super hot, and strong. They make amazing boyfriends. They normally have curly brown hair, and gorgeous brown eyes, that you could stare into forever. They are always very smart, and equally funny.
I am lucky enough to call Finn my boyfriend.
by 7777777777777777777 July 01, 2012
OMG, the sexiest guy you will ever meet, and I mean EVER!!!. He has the most adorable laugh in the world and his smile is breathtaking. He is so hilarious you can't ignore him. he is the nicest, funniest, sweetest guy. He is sooooo friendly. He's so friendly you can't ignore him and you have to talk to him, everyone knows Finn. He's so amazing when your talking to him all you can think about is kissing him. he is popular and cool. Girls say that his a weirdo just to try and hide that they are so madly in love with them, secretly, everyone loves him.
Girl 1: so i met this guy today he's so cute, he's really funny and has the cutest laugh and smile
Girl 2: so you met finn
by luvi December 07, 2013
Finn like a fish! no, Finn is the most popular kid in school. Funniest person you'll ever meet, you'll find when your with him all you do is laugh. Gets all the ladies and is the master of "pick up lines" Has one best girl friend, and boyfriend. Is dating the hottest girl in his grade with the biggest boobs. Is pretty buff and is the teachers pet.
"Dude that guy has the biggest bonor!" "Dude i know no wonder, i would get bonors if i hung out with girls hot like dat"\

"That finn kid is the funniest fucking kid i know."
by arther kong January 03, 2012
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