This is a group of young rappers from I.S.T. Lui Style & Lil Mafioso who are also part of the infamous and most annoying group of Soldiers Six.
Former members are; Mbazi & Sean
Untouchable have cherished International Nite since 2006.
by Baboon King December 01, 2009
very skilled at one or more tasks,exstermely street smart, sexueal deviant who mets physical appeal of both sexes.
He is an untoucable he was the first to do that.. Karens body is an untouchable she has a muscular physique with a figure.. I am an untouchable i am in a class of all my own.
by T.untouchable. April 24, 2010
Ain't being fucked with
Can't nobody fuck wit us Ub's
by teezy March 20, 2005
a seductress of passion
by sublemon September 20, 2003
Unable to be reached.
Damn Jamal's basketball skills are untouchable!
by Jamal August 11, 2002
An all ages promotion company, that is best know in the GTA, Number one in sales, and market segmentation. The name Untouchables the word is retrieved from the sense that we are in fact the best and always will be.
Me: Oh shit, Untouchables is the best all ages company ever:
Someone else: I know they are definetly the greatest.
by Ut! June 26, 2010
A young girl that gets into a serious relationship & falls for the boy. But as it continues to trace on & on, she backs down. & screws everything up by liking someone else.
(7 months into their relationship)

boy: you like him ?
girl: i think i do.
girl: i'm sorry for hurting you, i don't think we should date for now.
boy: why do you push everyone away? you're untouchable.
by Olivialightning October 11, 2008

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