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A word used by stupid people. You're even stupider if you type this word .

"Um uh um uuum uhh duh I'm a dumbass um um uh ."
A normal : "Hey man darth vader had a white costume right ?"
A stupid bitch : " um...."
A normal : " shut the fuck up bitch ."
by The guy banging your mom December 03, 2013
1.an expression having a discretionary undertone and is usually used in a state of confusion, or as an aid in connecting lies or other words into informal grammatical conversations; a word that assists in a person’s conversation.

2.usually used by tweakers to finish up their elaborate lies.
Man: Where did you buy those imac computers?

Tweaker: um, I was working for this guy....um.....and he hella hooked it up. All I did was ummmm...
by sonic559 July 23, 2010
1. what you say when you forget what to say; a hesitation

2. acronym for ur mom
1. Kelly: "The koala lives in Australia, um, they like to eat eucalyptus leaves.."

2. Paul: "I'm hungry!"
Josh: "um"
by Lily May 05, 2006
Um is the sound beginning Buddist(s) make while trying to meditate by copying a professional elderly person who doesn't um at all.
1: Uming will help you keep concentration!
2: But, you don't um!
1: Um, now.
by 1928 February 12, 2005
to concentrate deeply
"hold on, I'm umming!"
by Sexy "MILF" MacSexerson January 31, 2005
Interjection of choice of the Ding. On a bad day fully 75% of what she has to say will consist of "um."
Ding: Um, did you see my book?

Clyde: What was it called?

Ding: Um, I don't remember. Um, bye!
by Krakky McKraken November 05, 2006
See "Uh'm".

Synonym for "I'm".
"What Um 'bout to do right now is take that ass to da flo."
by Zor Prime November 25, 2003