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Acronym for Underground Morals: An organised gang in the north east of England formed by Jim and co-founded by Freddie. It's main aim is to stop innocent people become affected by crime and only targets the "scum" of society (child rapists, rapists, pedophiles, wife beaters, corrupt bastards etc). They follow a specific code of practice and must adhere to the rules at all times.
All the best people are part of the U.M.
by Glock21 October 09, 2005
24 7
a word used as a filler in a sentence. mainly used by blondes in a situation when they have nothing else to say
brunet: THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!!
blonde: UM...WHAT DO WE DO?
by me silly! April 25, 2011
15 2
a verbal pause in a sentence. used to allow the speaker time to either think of something to say or to rephrase what they just said.
i went to the, um, store.
by greatedcorn October 25, 2008
24 14
Underground Morals; A gang mainly in Newcastle, England bringing hope to drug addicts and people with no future. It gives heroin and crack addicts jobs of either re-routing phone calls, selling drugs in the housing projects, driving VIP's around etc. Then pays them in money/quality drugs/both. Founded by Jim and contains such infamous people as Hunter, Evie, Ken, Mitsu, Dan and others. It has rapidly gained influence, power and popularity and is quickly taking over Newcastle.
Garry was well fucked up because of his heroin addiction until he joined the U.M. Now he's straightened out and he's aspiring to be Jim's personal chauffer.
by Projex4Life October 13, 2005
13 5
Arabic word meaning mother. When used as a prefex it means "mother of". Usually as a mark of respect to the woman.
Mother calling her young son:"Sami, come and take this dish of desserts to our neighbour Um Ali and thank her for her help with the shopping the other day"
by Kyle M. May 30, 2005
24 18
Um, what did you say?
by Ummmmmmmmmmm what did you say August 17, 2010
10 6
an arabic word meaning mother.

umak=your mother(to a male)
immy=my mother
immek=your mother(to a female)
imkun=your mothers
kuss(=your moms pussy) imak is nice
by Anonymous May 09, 2003
16 14