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1.an expression having a discretionary undertone and is usually used in a state of confusion, or as an aid in connecting lies or other words into informal grammatical conversations; a word that assists in a person’s conversation.

2.usually used by tweakers to finish up their elaborate lies.
Man: Where did you buy those imac computers?

Tweaker: um, I was working for this guy....um.....and he hella hooked it up. All I did was ummmm...
by sonic559 July 23, 2010
1.a person (mostly males) that is unusually soft and is ridiculed by insulting his manhood.

2.anything produced by a woman of bad reputation.
1.Damn dude your a bitchmade muthafucker! How could you let your bitch boss you around?

2.I don't want that foo, that shit is bitchmade.
by sonic559 August 20, 2010

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