A very unattractive person; Someone who is not appealing to the opposite sex
That girl Katie Houseworth from Marion, Oh. Is one ugly bitch. I bet a dog wouldn't have sex with her if it was tied to her and fed viagra!
by Travis Mccoy June 09, 2007
you dont want to look at it, or you feel as though your eyes will burn out of your head
man you'd be trippin' to even touch that wacked up ugly beast, i'd rather chew off my foot than go near that mess
by a sammity-sam slam November 20, 2003
a) not right
b) unattractive
c) extremely uncool
"That thong in those spandex pants was nothing but ugly"

"That test was a blood bath, my grade is going to be ugly"
by Stuck in Diego September 15, 2003
A word insecure girls use to insult (often but not always) slightly less attractive girls they feel superior to but also inexplicably threatened by.
"Babe, I don't know why you would even talk to that girl, she's like, super ugly"

"Ew. When did we do anything to make you think you were allowed to sit near us, ugly?"
by NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa HeyJude September 27, 2012
It's an unattractive person.
Ugh! Sabrina is so fucking ugly, that I'd rather bite a persons wart of, than look at her.
by iamamystery April 22, 2010
Ugly is someone who is the opposite of pretty and beautiful. Ugly usually isn't the best thing. Ugly people normally get rejected EASILY! But it depends on what that person is looking for in the other person.
Ugly person- Will you go out with me?
Hot person- Hell NO!
Ugly person- Why?
Hot person- Because your ugly..
Ugly person- Oh OK then..... (walks away and cries)
by Jackiie! June 04, 2009
A female physical characteristic of someone who is unattractive but has a large rear.
Boy 1-"Man that chick is ugly."
Boy 2-"What do you mean by that?"
Boy 1-"She ain't pretty but she got a butt on 'er."
by Bonnajecca March 31, 2009

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