someone whose face you want to throw a brick at (if throwing bricks at peoples faces was socially acceptable *but its not :(*)
You are so ugly that i cannot bare to look at your face any longer than i already have (which is .0000001 second anyway)
by asdfghjklblah July 10, 2013
1. One who has unattractive physical attributes.

2. An unpleasant event or scene.
1. That girl with the large nose and acne is ugly.

2. That was one ugly scene when that guy got shot in the head.
by Janis December 13, 2004
Someone that is very visually disturbing, and people avoid to look in this person's direction
x:So what did you think of my friend?
y:huh oh paolo vella? Holy Fuck hes ugly
by David Big Dick September 23, 2004
1. characterized as being unattractive; not pleasant to look at.

2. can aso be used to refer to a very stupid, clumsy, or otherwise lame act.

3. also can be used to refer to someone who has done something stupid or lame.
1. guy 1: "Ay bruh, I'm thinking about going with Sally, she looks pretty good rite?"

guy 2: "Hell nah, she ugly."

2. {guy trips over a huge and obvious object and tries to play it off}

"Haha, that was so ugly bruh"

3. nerd: "whats up my ninjas? im super funky fresh"

guy: " haha u so ugly"
by the.truth94 August 26, 2009
adj. (-ier, iest)

1. Unpleasant in appearance. Hideous, Unsightly.

2. Excessively enjoyable. Possessing of a certain cachet or "coolness".
1. <Your mom is UGLY.>

2. <Come out with us, it'll be UGLY.>
<That guy wears the UGLIEST shoes.>
by Jessicoo March 30, 2004
1.Sometimes used as a nickname for your husband after years of marriage.
Example 1: Ugly get over here and give momma a kiss.

Example 2: Ugly take out the trash.
by Justin Holt January 31, 2008
A uncircumsized man's foreskin.
Look at all the stuff caught in his ugly.
by iliketea February 28, 2007

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