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a girl not returning your phone call. this is the ugliest thing a female can do(after she does this, she becomes a hideous looking creature in are eyes, that is too ugly to look at). some girls try to do this to make them selves look better. but doing this means you are ugly.
the true example of ugly is when i girl thinks she is too good to call you back. that sums is up and yes there is alot of ugly ones out there that act like that. stop being ugly yall.
by $nowman'$exy April 07, 2010
someone who is not pretty. They look like they are in a scary movie like 1 character name caitlin barnish in this movie call the scary life in Mark twain middle school. You never heard of this movie but is a really good one. Someone who is not really attractive.
"eeewwww look at that ugly girl"
"ewww she looks like caitlin"
by Thekidwhois mean February 24, 2010
a) not right
b) unattractive
c) extremely uncool
"That thong in those spandex pants was nothing but ugly"

"That test was a blood bath, my grade is going to be ugly"
by Stuck in Diego September 15, 2003
A word insecure girls use to insult (often but not always) slightly less attractive girls they feel superior to but also inexplicably threatened by.
"Babe, I don't know why you would even talk to that girl, she's like, super ugly"

"Ew. When did we do anything to make you think you were allowed to sit near us, ugly?"
by NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa HeyJude September 27, 2012
#1. The face says it all.
#2. Happens to be arabic but looks tamil.
#3. His fucking dark soul.
#4. His taste in women. i.e. mother of baby.
#5. Eczema all over his duty body.
#6. Talks so much shit over the internet but never has anything to show for.
#7. His pockets are ugly because their always empty, if you know what I mean.
#8. The way that he talks because even if he was a gangster-wanna be, if he was cute? Girls would lowe it but he's so ugly and acts gangster-ish that it makes him look like a cheap hobo.
#9. His life is ugly because it's going no where.
#10. His hair line.
#11. His penis... I'm sure of it because his babymoms left him for an enrique.
#12. All he wears is "It's nippy in the fucking north shirts" (Nippy in the North is related to local rappers within the GTA of the city of Toronto)
#13. His eyes look like a grim reaper.
#14. His scent is ugly because he smells like a camel who fucked a skunk in the ass.
#15. Enough said.
by FEATHERDUSTER69 August 19, 2011
1. Messy teeth
2. Red hair
3. Orange skin
4. Bad personality
LOL that girl is so ugly
by Jessica Reynolds. May 11, 2011
most popular hookah bar in chicago located on bryn mawr and kimball
Let's go to Ugly and smoke that sick hookah bro.

Are we gonna smoke hookah at Ugly's tonight dog?
by johnnyfosho January 01, 2009