1 Someone who you would rather not look at. Yes, we say people are ugly, but have you ever come across a person who when you look at them you look away because of how ugly they are? Face the facts, there are still many ugly people out there.

2 A song that can give you brain damage. As Eminem would say, just another little girl group, all you do is annoy me so i have been sent here to destroy you.
Liz: She's right. Charlotte is ugly.
Noko: I've seen worse...on the internet though.
Kate: Um, she's stood behind you.
Liz: Oh, right...not her...that retard girl in the advert on the side of this website!
Charlotte: Someone else with the same name as me huh?
by Noko January 10, 2006
Unattractive. An ugly girl is fat, paper pale to the point where you can see her veins. She has a flat ass and nonexistant breast, undermining the reason some people actually like fat chicks. She normally smells bad, not just like poop but like something crusty and rotten. Ugly men have simmilar characteristics but with the breast part in reverse. Both have really bad teeth that are crooked and discolored. They are so bad you can't take your eyes away from an ugly person's teeth because it is unbelievable how screwed up they are. Not necessarily an insult, just an observation; but generally taken as one.
Eww that person is really UGLY!
by Yobastank November 23, 2004
The main reason for a man not to date a woman, or vice versa.
That chick was ugly, i wouldn't touch her with my 10 foot-pole.
by Schmidty426 August 07, 2009
The word used to describe your face.
Jesus, you're ugly!
by bat_hero May 09, 2009
Another way to say ugly.
I've got a case of the uglies today.
She's got the hella uglies!
by cratch April 17, 2008
'Ugly' is an offence to the visual medium.

It can be used to describe something of a horrific nature, which cannot possibly be defined or explained in either the written or verbal medium of communication.

The act of being ugly, involves being so disgusting people cannot bear eyes on the thing in question, without;
Laughing, crying, dry retching, vomiting or developing acute nausea.

It also can be defined as one being of a;
unsightly, repulsive or deformed nature.
(Refer to this www.imagehosting.com/show.php /1685717_faggotfz3.jpg.html)
Example One
Man 1 : SHIT, ive found the most ugly of beasts beyond all comprehension (shows the image)

Man 2 : ..... no even words can describe how fugly that fat peice of trash is.

Example Two
Girl : (sees image) Ewwww
Ive lost my libido....

Example Three
Person 1: Hahah, look at that fat, pasty white kid, who sits on his ass all day playing computer games. Hes the embodiment of ugly. If I were him, I'd jump off a bridge instead of living my life as a failure.

Person 2: I couldn't agree more...
by Standby66 April 10, 2008
so bad looking its scary
this kid is so damn ugly with his date
by Scary Good November 03, 2006

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