University of California, Santa Cruz

This amazing university is sadly and extremely underrated.

UCSC definitely has higher prestige than UC Merced and UC Riverside, and UCSC is quickly becoming more prestigious and selective. UCSC is ranked equally if not better than UCSB.
UCSC was ranked in the top 100 colleges/universities in the nation. We boast many things that cannot be compared to, including the beach as well as a redwood forest. It is surrounded by the best scenery compared to all other UC campuses (hands down). Among other things, we boast the #2 ASTROPHYSICS program in the nation.

Do your research before you make your judgments based on ignorant trolls you have not even set foot on the campus. We are also the REAL surf city (Huntington Beach is stereotypical and quite frankly lacks the diversity and the original surf attitude. They have the stereotypical spoiled rich kids that have everything handed to them and they have closed minds as to what diversity really is).
A few UCSC achievements:

- The computer engineering Ph.D. program was rated 1ST nationally for publication impact by the National Research Council in 2010.
- UCSC was rated 3RD IN THE WORLD for research influence in 2011 by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.
- In 2010, the UCSC Economics Department was ranked 7TH IN THE WORLD--and 6TH among all academic departments--for research in international finance, according to Research Papers in Economics (RePEc).
by Do.Your.Research. May 03, 2012
University of Constantly Smoking Chronic. Everyone here blazes, if they say otherwise, they're lying.
Porter Field @ UCSC on 4-20
by MDMI September 18, 2008
A place where liberalism can spread like no other. If you aren't super far to the left, you could possibly be labeled as a racist, misogynistic, sexist, homophobic, prejudice, ass hole. The ironic part is, they are the ones that are judgmental. For the most part however, the education is good and so are the professors. Learn to like weed if you choose to go here, it's very common.
Moderately Conservative Student: Although I respect and acknowledge the fundamental rights of people and their liberties, I'm not sure about my stance on gay marriage.

UCSC Professor: You can take that unintelligent, prejudge statement and fuck yourself you judgmental piece of shit prick.
by dj raymond October 14, 2011
University of California Smokes Cannibis
University of Controlled Substances on Campus
University of California, Second Choice
Also known as University of California, Santa Cruz

We have more hippies than Berkeley.

Our mascot is a slimy yellow hermophrodidic mollusk.

Our athletics are all division 3 and we have no football team.

If you say that marijuana should remain illegal, we might stage a protest against you in Porter meadow but we'll probably be too high to notice that you said anything.

We're one of the least prestigious UCs.

We're awesome.
Person 1: I'm going to UCSC this fall.
Person 2: I've heard its really weird there.
Person 1: Yeah but we have the best mascot.
by proudslug June 24, 2009
Common misconception is that it stands for University of California Santa Cruz, however, it really is the United California Stoners Commune. 99% of the student body will fail a drug test at any given time. The campus reeks of weed. Everyone openly talks about smoking pot. Acid and mushrooms are also "acceptable" things to have loud conversations about in public.
The following took place at Harvey Beach in UCSC:
Crown tripper 1: "dude what did u get?"
Crown tripper 2: "i'd never heard of these drops, i've always got tabs but the guy was out"
crown tripper 1:"weak, did u get anything?"
crown tripper 2:*holds up ziploc bag* "these are gum drops laced with acid"

See also April 20th at porter field.
by MDMI February 28, 2009
University of California, Second Choice
I didn't get into any UC's except for UCSC
by Cheah57 June 23, 2010
Where the animal mascot is the (fighting) Banana Slug, the vegetable mascot is 'Shrooms, and the mineral mascot has to be my old "Fraternity" Hall in Parkman - <i>Lamda Sigma Delta. </i> (Cowell '81)
I was tripping through the UCSC woods below Kresge and came across a humongous 'Nana Slug doing itself - they're hermaphroditic you know and their organ is as long as the creature.
by DirtCrashr November 02, 2007

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