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Flimsy sheet of paper encased in cardboard. Usually put above the fireplace on the mantle or on the refrigerator with a magnet. Signifies completion of about 4 year of college work. Contain faux signatures of several leading authorities at the institution. Makes parents happy and gives suburban kids a scary sense of freedom because they are no longer supported financially.
Successful Adult: Diploma, eh? Yes. Yes. I remember getting mine. You know, I work in a field that is totally unrelated to my major in college. Oh, well. Enjoy your diploma. Yep, those were the best years of my life.
by crazy b January 09, 2006
a paper that says that you're still a fuck up, but now you can work
Rory: Dude! I just got my diploma
Robert: Sweet dude, now your just a fuck up with a piece of paper sayin your good to work
by iliketomoveitmoveit9876321 November 15, 2009
"You are still a fuck up, but now you can work" paper.
Rory: "I thought a diploma was like a drama force field" Robert: "Nope, Shit is Dumb"

Rory: "That sounds about right, It should be called your still a fuck up but now you can work paper"

Robert: " Sounds spot on we should write the inventor of the word"

Rory: "I'm calling the dictionary people"
by donotuseyourrealnamehere123456 November 21, 2009
(noun) - Obtained through educational courses, can be used to escape the ghetto if obtained at a school of higher learning (trade school, community college, college, university).
"dawg yall wanna C my GED?"

"No, I have a graduation ceremony to attend, at which I'll receive my diploma."

by JJ OJ April 21, 2010
A reward in the form of oral sex, recipient can be male or female.
I'll give you a diploma.
You deserve a diploma.
You've been a naughty girl, come here for your diploma.
by Adveloq August 02, 2011