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13 definitions by hmmmm

A story about RYU's serious ego problem.
In every Street Fighter game, Ryu keeps mumbling about going on the road to being a true warrior, never mind that he has already made a punching bag out of Ken, Sagat, Akuma, and M. Bison. It's almost like this guy gets high from picking fights with people. Sheesh.
by hmmmm September 23, 2003
245 61
Maybe if the stupid rabbit didn't spend so much time talking about Trix's fruity flavor and just ate the goddamn cereal, he would probably realize how shitty it actually tastes.
Stupid rabbit. Trix are for fags.
by hmmmm November 01, 2003
173 85
Translated from hindi/gujarati (plus others) as brother. Used to call your younger brother if he has a stupid name you can't be arsed to say or to embarrass him infront of friends.
Thats my BHAI, he "works" with computers...
by hmmmm March 29, 2005
58 26
the act of inserting one finger into a girl's ass (the stink) and two into a girl's pussy (the pink)
One for the stink and two for the pink
by Hmmmm May 12, 2004
50 20
A lot of magic mushrooms were eaten during the production of the movie.
by hmmmm August 22, 2003
22 11
Also don't forget Oprah Winfrey's "Beloved".
That movie gave me nightmares for months.
by hmmmm August 22, 2003
11 5
The scally or "scallywag" has 2 different forms. There is the sound scally who has no problem with you or any one wotsoever. the other kind is a disgrace to humanity pickin on people whom a look weaker than them or b are in a smaller group than them. They all wear trackies i have no problem with this personaly as it is there choice as to what they wear but they should all either stop harrasing people and realise that other people have their own opinions or just like go shoot themselves as there seems to be no use for them in our society
"eeee m8 gotts spare bifta"
"ill spark you out m8"
by hmmmm October 15, 2004
6 3