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best comic book ever .
i was sitting on the couch with a stack of comic books. they were calvin and hobbes. they are pimp
by mack daddy May 20, 2003
a jayhawk is a fictional bird based on non-fictional occurences. jayhawkers were kansan's during the civil war who would go to missouri and steal back slaves for their freedom. this resulted in much blood shed and the eventual burning down of the city of Lawrence. the University of Kansas in Lawrence now has the nickname the Kansas Jayhawks which are one of the best basketball teams every year. go jayhawks
the missouri tiger cried the day the famous jayhawk kirk hinrich sank a 25 foot three pointer to beat missouri in columbia, mizzou
by mack daddy May 20, 2003
a mountain filled with beautiful women and alcohol. we call it cobb
damn. lets go find some sexy bitches on cobb mountain
by mack daddy May 20, 2003
one who attacks by signaling an army of rats to chew their opponents faces off.
So then Pat said,"RATATTACK!"
by Mack Daddy February 25, 2003
1)hidden valley lake
2)a place where it is enclosed by gates and security guards
we went to hvl. but security wouldnt let us in
by mack daddy May 21, 2003
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