"if you're not gay by your senior year, you won't get a diploma"
by hmmmm September 30, 2003
University of California, Second Choice
I wanted to go to UCSB but I was only accepted at UCSC.
by T-Jizzy May 02, 2005
A hellhole posing as a university. Unless you're already broke, it takes shitloads of your/your parent's money and gives you shit in return. Useless protests often drown out the professors, who would prefer to talk about their last vacation rather than the appropriate subject anyway.

The only way to make friends is to smoke pot and have the same five minutes of discussion (dude, where u from? o no weyy! i'm from this place 300 miles from ther!!) over and over and fucking over, or to go on protests discouraging the use of shampoo and/or conditioner. The stink of B.O. and pot is commonly accepted and follows 95% of the students around campus, to classes, the dining hall, etc. Anyone who chooses to clean themselves and flush their piss and shit down down the throne is chastised for being "privileged". The dining hall is filthy as a rat's ass, and dishes are rarely washed. But not to worry; vegan options are always available in excess! Every female on campus has taken several severe beatings with the ugly stick, it's no wonder the males have a reputation for being gay.

If you are considering going here, I highly discourage it, unless you find my description tantalizing. I went in with an open mind and have regretted it every single day.
On June 12, 2009, I will never have to see the hell known as UCSC again in my life.
by Tortured Man January 01, 2009
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