tylers are usally tall, brown hair and huge crack heads. they cant control all the girls that like him so he dates every single one.

They beet on people to make them selves feel better, or when there loosign at somthing and also usaly have big dicks, but only for short periods because the drugs will shrink there penuis
wow, tyler is sooo hawt, i wonder how big his dick is?
OMG, is tyler going to class high again?
He broke my nose! tyler broke my nose! - why- because im dateing his sister.
by shirtlessin321 September 27, 2010
A person that never pays you back large sums of money or pays you back months later. Someone unreliable when it comes to monetary issues.
Hey man, remember how I lent you money last week? Don't be a tyler and never pay me back.
by toadlegs September 18, 2010
A man who looks like a cute cuddly panda. He claims pandas say "woo"
Hey tyler Whats a panda sound like?
I don't know, Why don't you look in the mirror?
*looks in mirror* Woooo!
by Monnieeeeee November 04, 2010
The most beautiful person in the world. Never failing to make you laugh. Never pulling you in, but intriguing as well.
Popular, but amazing inside and out. A boy who will go far and is amazing at math and a sweetheart to all.
His heart is open and warm to every person. Every living thing. He smiles and makes a bad day a perfect one, just like that. He is loved by everyone he knows and friendly to everyone he meets.
He is great at math and funny, and book-loving. He breaks my heart whenever I see him with someone else. He is the kind of guy you'll want to love you forever.
And most of all, someone special is waiting for him, waiting in the shadows for his beautiful smile will warm her heart every night. A tear is shed every night for this beautiful boy, and is all worth it.
Girl: Who's that wonderful guy?

Guy: Oh, that's just Tyler.
by Truthfullyunknown May 27, 2011
Tyler is everything. Yet Tyler is nothing. He is everywhere and he does everything. Everyone has the Tyler in him. Do you feel it?

We all have the potential to be Tyler. Can you be the best Tyler out there?
Oh did you see Tyler today?

Yea he was chilling with Tyler.

On a scale of Tyler to Tyler, how Tyler are you?
by MissTyler April 28, 2011
One who thinks they are cool. A person who tries to fit in with with others but just doesnt fit right. Usually the guy that girls like because of the hair until they see the small wood. Has few true friends except 1 or two. One who takes it in the pooper.
O that Tyler guy, he's probably trying to fit in somewhere
by TCB1693 October 05, 2010
The worlds sexiest man/teenager. He's tall, funny, ladies man, and irresestible.
"Did you see tyler this morning?" "oh my gosh, yes I did!"
by number 66 September 25, 2011

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