an amazing, wonderful person who is absolutely easy to fall for! gets a lot of a funny, cute, smart, and a sensitive guy.......the perfect mannn, and always has a big dick!!!!!!! proven
tyler is the perfect guy for me
by sweetheart 956 August 04, 2011
Male who is likely to end a relationship via text message. Has more concern for musical instruments than people. Kind of a douchebag.
Did you hear Tyler dumped that girl via text message?

Yeah, I heard he dumped her for his bass.
by mayonaaaise October 01, 2010
A very tall, handsome country boy! He drives a big truck, and looks good behind the wheel! His eyes will melt any girls heart when he looks at her, and it's not uncommon for her to get lost in his beautiful smile! This gentleman enjoys an occasional scary movie, but throw in a little comedy and he's putty in your hands! He knows how to handle a bow, and loves the occasional hunt! Watch out girls.....he's a night owl and could very possibly "go all night"!
I wish I had a Tyler to cuddle with tonight!
by thefurther April 09, 2011
Skinny, but fit. Brown hair and the prettiest eyes. The hottest guy you will ever meet. And has a great personality. He knows how to make someone smile. He is somewhat clumsy and awkward at times. He's a guy who you can always laugh and have a good time with. He can be really stubborn. He's loving, confused, caring, amazing. He is a natural born leader and is always happy and energetic. Tylers' have a lot of people that enjoy being around them. Tylers' know what they want and usually get it, not because they are spoiled or stuck-up, but because they have a great personality and a desire to become the best. When Tylers' love someone, they always think about them, and will do anything for that person. They will make excellent husbands and fathers. You can always talk to him about anything, at any hour of the day or night. He is incredibly sexy and has a huge dick ;)
Wow, that guy is amazing, he must be a Tyler.
by swooner November 18, 2012
An normally amazing far above everyone else in his age group normally hangs out with older kids. They are commonly very musical people. They are everything a girl would want, extremely sexy and really sweet. Quiet often fairly popular.
"Mate that Tyler is off the hook!"
by Dr.FeelGoodYes November 06, 2011
A person that never pays you back large sums of money or pays you back months later. Someone unreliable when it comes to monetary issues.
Hey man, remember how I lent you money last week? Don't be a tyler and never pay me back.
by toadlegs September 18, 2010
tylers are usally tall, brown hair and huge crack heads. they cant control all the girls that like him so he dates every single one.

They beet on people to make them selves feel better, or when there loosign at somthing and also usaly have big dicks, but only for short periods because the drugs will shrink there penuis
wow, tyler is sooo hawt, i wonder how big his dick is?
OMG, is tyler going to class high again?
He broke my nose! tyler broke my nose! - why- because im dateing his sister.
by shirtlessin321 September 27, 2010

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