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Short for "faggot" technically so you don't get banned from forums or something.
Poster: Oh help I seem to be in truble
Reader: stfu u fgt
by Steven "S-Dawgg" July 31, 2005
Synonymous to faggots.
All of these conservatives are a bunch of fgts.
by section31 November 24, 2004
When someone is too fucking retarded to even use the word: "Faggot," so they have to be called a "Fgt."
That one Fgt tried to make me do his homework for him, fuck him.

"U an fgt"
by Kakaroot. June 02, 2016
An abbreviation of the word faggot. A word ricky invented.
Damn yo, Victoria is a huge fgt!!!
by Trooth1947 June 30, 2014
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