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Someone who would make better marriage material than baby momma material.

Someone who you'd likely spend the rest of your life with if you found him or her.

If there were more keepers in the US, the divorce rate would be MUCH lower!!!
Jane has nice legs, ass and thighs, a good job, and she is even more beautiful inside. She's definately a keeper!
by Mr. Dwayne February 20, 2005
something worth keeping
The autographed ball is a keeper.
by The Return of Light Joker June 27, 2011
A keeper defends the three rings in a game of Quiddich. They have to block the Quaffle from entering any of the three rings.
And all he has to do as a Keeper is to make sure that the quaffle doesn't get in. Then we'll win for sure!
by lovehp. May 24, 2010
An expression of your lack of desire towards a woman
Fat friend: "So, was she a keeper?"

Smart friend: "Ya she sure was... like keep'er over there."
by ThePurpleman April 18, 2011
Abbr. of Goalkeeper in Futbol,Soccer, or "UK" football.
'keeper: Crike. I have to go to Keeper practice four times a week? And I'm still in Division Three.

instructer: ha. Soory. when you jump for highballs, always yell "'keeper".
by katrine April 11, 2004
an alternative feminine hygiene product made of naturally occurring latex. Similar to the diva cup
The cup of my keeper was too large for my twat so I had to go down a size.
by taintedglass March 01, 2010
A Female who after finding out that thier pregnant decides to keep the baby without the significant other's consent.
"You sure you want to date Priscilla? She's a Keeper!"
by Nude God December 29, 2011