(For a girl)- An awesome girl who is outspoken and beautiful. She is the type of girl that will go above and beyond for her friends and family. She is very cultured and loves life. You will never meet another girl like her.
Look at that girl, she is def. a Tyler.
by crushcrush24 July 09, 2011
the sweetest guy in the world<3
he plays hockey and everyone loves a tyler.
he's really random and cool.
if you talk to a tyler you cant stop thinking about him.
if you give a tyler your number they will probably never text you...
omg, i love my tyler.
by t..o..FU! December 19, 2010
Tall, and skinny. Has the most pretty eyes. Long, soft brown hair. And a great personality. Can often be found playing video games, or hanging with friends. He's very touchy feely; loves hugs. He knows how to make someone smile. Isn't quite sure what he wants. He always seems to be confused. He's loving, confused, caring, amazing. Awesome. He's Tyler.
"He's such a Tyler."
by AllyCat5 May 30, 2011
An awesome friend and boyfriend
Loves to video chat and text and will stay up with you untill you fall asleep.
He can be a jerk sometimes if you get on his bad side but if you dont then he is a great friend.
He usually has long hair, sometimes short.
Tyler is pretty hot all around.
He is someone you can trust with your secrets and with anything you cannot tell someone else.
Tyler is an amazing friend overall once you get to know him.
"Bro, look at that guy! He MUST be a Tyler."

Girl 1: "He is SO hot!"
Girl 2: "Yeah, thats Tyler."
by Galaxys1 March 31, 2013
Someone who's just so goddamn sexy he has to put a paperbag over his head to stop girls from jumping on him and feeling his sexiness. Fun to be around and has a great sense of humor, very funny and has loads of friends. The guy who tends to pray upon drunken bimbos at party's with alcohol and lots of girls. Always loved and lusted for, usually the sports star of the school. Extremely popular and flirtatious Tyler's are great to be around. If you've ever upset or angered a Tyler you deserve to die. Totally irresistible badass often described as a manslut.
Girl: Holy shit who's that he's so fucking gorgeous!
Boy: Wow i'm straight but i'd turn gay for that !
Girl: Deffo must be a tyler
by BoomTingSexyGal June 13, 2011
Male who is likely to end a relationship via text message. Has more concern for musical instruments than people. Kind of a douchebag.
Did you hear Tyler dumped that girl via text message?

Yeah, I heard he dumped her for his bass.
by mayonaaaise October 01, 2010
A sweet, nice guy. A (usually) tall guy who is very reliable. Someone you can count on. A guy who all the ladies like, because of his rare talent to listen.
"Who is that guy you were walking with?"
"He is a real sweet guy!"
"Oh, he must be a Tyler!"
by Lexington1289 November 29, 2013
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