A combination of the words Twat and Cunt. An insult mainly reserved for women who are of a bitchy-ness far beyond normal reasoning.
I caught my twunt of a girlfriend cheating on me in my place and she had the nerve to throw ME out!
by Aldamita April 25, 2011
The combination of Twat and Cunt creating the ultimate degrading insult, Twunt. Statistically, women find this more insulting over men and many times will end in a slap to the face, but it was worth it. Right?

Some could find sexual uses with the word Twunt

See Twat and Cunt for further definition and understanding of such a powerful word.
God that bitch is such a Twunt..

Gonna get me some twunt tonight...

Nikki stop being such a twunt...
by Poobear & Princess January 13, 2011
When simply being a twat isn't bad enough. A cunt and a twat combined. Reserved for the most heinous of bitches. Usually dirty, lying, lazy sluts.
Chrissy is a such a twunt!
by BlackMamba666 August 11, 2010
a noun, referring to someone who is neither a twat or a cunt, but a fifty-fifty mixture of both. Also, can be used as a term to describe a girl who is extremely moody due to the beginning of her menstrual cycle or a male who becomes extremely emotional while drinking.
"Damn, my girlfriend bitched at me all night long about not calling her last night while I was out getting smashed with my boys. I wish she would quit acting like such a twunt!"
by Ashleigh Guinn December 24, 2008
Slang term for the vagina used in similar contexts to its many and varied synonyms. Formed from the first two letters of 'twat' and the last three of 'cunt'.
"That twunt got that fit bird twunted and got hold of her twunt last Saturday. The dirty twunt."

by Brian Munich October 29, 2006
A mash-up of twat and cunt, used to insult. From the show 'Bad Education' on BBC 3. Others such as "Negitude" - a negative attitude.
Person 1 - "Did you hear about what he did!?"

Person 2 - "Yeah hes a total twunt"
by peoplesproblemsposter October 05, 2013
The ultimate asshole! The term applies to both men and women. It is used when people willfully, do something so nasty, hurtful or stupid that instead of punching them…you call them TWUNTS.
You slept with my boyfriend!? You twunt!!!
by Urbanpervertnyc February 26, 2013
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