The ultimate asshole! The term applies to both men and women. It is used when people willfully, do something so nasty, hurtful or stupid that instead of punching them…you call them TWUNTS.
You slept with my boyfriend!? You twunt!!!
by Urbanpervertnyc February 26, 2013
A charming UK colloquialism, with origins on Facebook. Many claim to have invented this word. 'Twunt' is an ingenious word-sandwich. It is of course a hybrid, stemmjng from the joining of the words 'twat' and 'cunt', both, interestingly, expletives designed to refer to lady gardens - female genitalia). Best used when giving verbal abuse (or indeed, online abuse).
teenage Scottish ned approaches small child/brother/enemy: 'Haw ya wee twunt ye! Fuckin' m'ovur here an' say that but!'
Translation: 'Excuse me, you very annoying person! I respectfully advise you to come closer to me and repeat your last utterance.'

as an inspired mood-disclosing Facebook reply, or text message:


This acts as either a full stop/period to the online or text thread, an insult directed at the original or subsequent posts/poster him or herself.
by Angell Redlocks fae Scotland July 18, 2012
A mash-up of twat and cunt, used to insult. From the show 'Bad Education' on BBC 3. Others such as "Negitude" - a negative attitude.
Person 1 - "Did you hear about what he did!?"

Person 2 - "Yeah hes a total twunt"
by peoplesproblemsposter October 05, 2013
The combined word of cunt and twat because you are not too much of a bastard to be called a cunt but you are enough of a bastard to not be called a twat. In essence you are a hybrid bastard or a twunt.
An example of a twunt is is the asshole that goes to the 10 items or less lane with 30 fucking cans of cat food and 9 other items 30 cans of the same item do not combine to create one fucking item.
by Big B 1234 August 11, 2010
When simply being a twat isn't bad enough. A cunt and a twat combined. Reserved for the most heinous of bitches. Usually dirty, lying, lazy sluts.
Chrissy is a such a twunt!
by BlackMamba666 August 11, 2010
a combination of twat and cunt used as an insult, originally used by Justin & Jason in 1999.
you are a stupid twunt
by Justin Mich September 13, 2006
A twunt is a cross between a twatt (complete idiot) and a cunt.

It's worse than both words used separately.
That fucking twunt never returns my fucking phone calls.
by twuntalator June 29, 2012

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