A. Extremely intoxicated
B. The rolling of a joint, blunt, or cigarette
C. To have ill-advised ideas or misconceptions
D. The act of victimizing an individual
E. Referring to the braiding of hair

Often interchangeable with Fucked Up
A. "I wast twisted last night!"

B. "I twisted 2 packs of blunts!"

C. "This fool had shit strait twisted, trying to walk away with my blunt!"

D. "He was bout to get his ass twisted, for real!"

E. "I went to the barber shop and got my hair twisted up this morning!"
by JGSR November 16, 2007
Another word for caught upthat means being stuck on a girl and not being able to do anything without thinking about her
"You got me twisted over you" -Keith Sweat
by Luis C. April 30, 2005
Confused, misunderstood, having the wrong idea.
If you think I'm the type of girl to have sex with just anyone, then you got me twisted.
by LauraB July 19, 2005
To get high, usually with the help marijuana (i.e. kind buds).
A yo, wanna get twisted??
by Mars Bars 54 October 26, 2010
one that has a terrible mic, sounds somewhat drunk/sleepy at the same time, who isn't that good at counter-forces.
RAGE: Alright guys, let's do the default.
TwIsTeD: -sleepy sounded- What?
TwIsTeD: -drunk sounded- I didn't hear you.
RAGE: Just get in your damn house, TwIsTeD.
by Yammins October 24, 2007
1. mixed up, confused
2. carzy, wild
3. to get s.o. wrong

by VAKI5 November 08, 2003
Having a good time with friends, on a night out!
We going to get Twisted
by Haley Davison April 09, 2015

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