one that has a terrible mic, sounds somewhat drunk/sleepy at the same time, who isn't that good at counter-forces.
RAGE: Alright guys, let's do the default.
TwIsTeD: -sleepy sounded- What?
TwIsTeD: -drunk sounded- I didn't hear you.
RAGE: Just get in your damn house, TwIsTeD.
by Yammins October 24, 2007
wrong, backwards misinformed
Don't get shit twisted
by tykarey May 17, 2005
Really really fucked up on drugs
"Dude, i blew 3 rails of K and Coke all mixed up and then took some E pills i am TWISTED!!!!"
by lad March 18, 2003
To get high and pissed at the same time.
It's one of the best feelings in the world and is fun to do on your first time getting stoned.
Jack: Hey dude, do you wanna get twisted at that party on Saturday?
Ben: Sure just as long as you don't send me west.
by SophieInAwe September 10, 2013
To be so drunk, you feel as though you are on a hallucinogenic trip similar to DXM.
"I was so twisted off that 99 bananas last night."
by insanegerbil June 06, 2005
1. Gnarled or tangled.

2. A twisting motion looks like a tied up man trying to wriggle his way out of the rope.

3. Something that's just plain messed up. A 'WTF?!' moment.
1. "This forest is creepy, the branches are all twisted and I see yellow eyes in the bushes!"

2. If you twist the lever, the secret door opens!

3. A pregnant man, now that's twisted.
by Aspirations January 11, 2009
Something one does that is overly cruel or weird or violent. Something that every person knows where the line is but in this case it gets crossed by a hell of a lot

Being drunk and high, like mangled
that shit was twisted

they dont care about doing twisted shit
by DWatson March 17, 2005

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