this is the name of the state of mind after someone has consumed many hits of acid or eaten some mushrooms; helps people understand how messed up the kids are while they are enjoying their trip
I ate a 10 hit strip about an hour ago, I am seeing some weird stuff and you'll never be able to understand how twisted I am.
by ScottBrothers November 19, 2006
to be enjoying one of life's greatest gift. For those no in the know, to being highly under the the influence of God's greatest gift. This gift is also know by its initials: LSD.
Man, I was so twisted after consuming a strip of the bomb L.
by Scott Brothers December 11, 2006
To be really mean or cruel; to act or say something sick, usually in the form of spreading sexual gossip about a particular person.
Howard Dean and John Kerry: Two Faggots who fuk butt!
Yes indeedy! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
by Eat my shit, Liberals! April 18, 2005
methamphetamine (crystal meth) is sometimes called twist. getting high on meth is getting "twisted"
i had a half gram last night i got twisted as hell
by James DuBeau March 03, 2005
to be drunk of your ass
Yo we got twisted before we went to dat party!
by Shanteezie March 21, 2004
fucked up off of coke. but not yakked out.
I was so twisted last night man, that ball was so ill.
by cocaine love April 11, 2006

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