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someone who thinks they are more important than they are

someone whose attitude changed after something good or even bad happened
".... and now he thinks he's king shit"

"he's acting like king shit"

"he's just another king shit, so who cares"
by DWatson March 17, 2005
a strongly disagreeable action, but not so much as a twisted one
that was crooked

he tried to do some crooked shit
by DWatson March 17, 2005
a single line of coke
had a couple lino's and i was good
by DWatson March 17, 2005
A large multi-paper joint
We smoked a fuckin babies arm joint
by DWatson March 17, 2005
Something one does that is overly cruel or weird or violent. Something that every person knows where the line is but in this case it gets crossed by a hell of a lot

Being drunk and high, like mangled
that shit was twisted

they dont care about doing twisted shit
by DWatson March 17, 2005

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