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4 definitions by lovebabefor

the art of having sex over text. kinda like cybering but only its over text. commonly used by people who dont want other people to overhear them, but it isnt as satisfying.

jon: dude i was sexting my gf last night.

Jake: thats chill but did u remember toerase the messages? it would suck if someone read that shit
by lovebabefor April 08, 2009
n: in-tox-i-fi-cat-ted
to be high off drugs and drunk at the same time.

usually you are wasted and stoned of marijuana at the same time.

great to be on when u have sex!!
jon: i was so intoxificated last night.
jake: what were u on?
jon: i was drunk and trippin on acid fool.
by lovebabefor April 08, 2009
someone who abuses methamphatamine.

usually skinny because they dont eat.
dark circles under their eyes because they dont sleep.
can harldy stand because most of their blood viens have collpased from constant injecting,

they transform themselves into a hermit-like state and keep to themselves while trying to have a normal life.
kid 1: i think that jon is using meth.
Kid2: yeah i definatly think he is a tweaker
by lovebabefor April 08, 2009

a state of being

to be drunk and high at the same time

not just a lite buzz either, but to be totally wasted and stoned outts your mind at the same time

intoxicated-faded.... get it?
jimmy: dude how was that party last night?

josh:killer. i was so intoxifaded that i collapsed in the kitchen.
by lovebabefor July 09, 2009