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is when you are talking about something that isnt all that important
i just brought some new boots nothin major though
by dabullty December 09, 2009
an internet acronym similar to lmao which means laughing my eyes out
guy 1:hey man i was running for the bus and then i tripped and fell and it pulled of

guy 2:lmeo
by dabullty December 09, 2009
having two meanings the commonly used one for reffering to someone as stupid or an dumbass and also can be used as an sentence enhancer and for total dominance
first meaning:how did you leave all your money at home man your a dickhead

second meaning:(watching a game and your team wins) now what the eagles just whooped the cowboys ass DICKHEAD!!!!
by dabullty December 09, 2009
basically an hore or slut a female who has sex with many guys
yo you know dat girl down da street?

yea man she a whole tweaker
by dabullty December 09, 2009

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