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To get fucked, boloxed, cunted


To be hit
We got really twated, then some guy twated me in the face with an ashtray.
by Timmeh October 08, 2003
1:When some hits a part of their body on somethingelse like hitting your head on the wall or smashing your knee on a radiator.

If something is hit with extreme force.(Usually in a sporting context)

Example 1:
Andy:Whats wrong with your head James ?
James: I twated it on the fridge door

Example 2:
Playing golf...
James: Wow Andy you just twated that shot miles , you ll be on the green in no time
by Harvez 88 November 15, 2006
Past-tence of tweet (what is written on Twitter.com)
Boss: Are you Twittering on the clock again?
Me: Nope, I already twated
by Clay Adams May 06, 2009